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CNET: Bring the gym home with this smart fitness tech

Smart fitness tech bridges the gap between instructor-led studio exercise classes and winging it on your own. Through apps, built-in touchscreen displays, remote classes and more, you can stay motivated even when you're working out at home. CNET tested these four fitness solutions to help you get in shape without leaving the house.

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Easy and attractive ways to live green

Don't let visions of clunky solar panels and backbreaking work make you shy away from sustainable living. Recent innovations make it easier than ever to live a green lifestyle without sacrificing style. Check out some of the new, beautiful and trendy ways you can create an environmentally friendly home.

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Design Recipes: Red is a powerful accent color

From ruby to rich burgundy, red is a powerful accent color when used purposefully in a space. One key design tip to remember is that it isn't taboo to mix shades and tones of red. So where to begin? Here are some design recipes tips to help get you started.

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Plumber: Height restrictions require low-profile toilet

Q: Dear Ed, we have an older home with the original plumbing fixtures in our bathroom. But, now it looks like the toilet has to be replaced. Also, due to custom shelving above the toilet we have a low-profile style toilet tank. Do they still make these low-tank toilets, and what should I remember when ordering this type of toilet?

Dutch Bros Coffee opens new location

Fresno's newest Dutch Bros Coffee has a drive-thru and indoor seating, one of only two in the state. The new location is near Palm and Herndon avenues.